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PODIATRIST Santa Clara CA, What is a Santa Clara Podiatrist
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San Jose Foot / Ankle Kid's Doctors

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PODIATRIST Santa Clara CA, What is a Santa Clara Podiatrist

Explore PODIATRIST surgeons near Santa Clara - foot ankle specialist SANTA CLARA for expert podiatric care surgery - Call today!

What is a Santa Clara Podiatrist?

A Santa clara podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist that makes an earnest effort at keeping your ankles and feet healthy. With a range of options at their disposal, your podiatrist can treat conditions related to foot structure and function. They can also share medical advice that can help you avoid foot problems in the future. Your podiatrist will consult with other important members of your health care team (this includes your primary care doctor). They will work together so that you will get the exceptional medical care you deserve.

It may sound weird, but studies show that the average human being walks 115,000 miles in their lifetime. This is equal to walking around the planet four times. It is realistic to believe that one will face foot problems at some point in their life.

It takes several years of study and clinical practice for one to become a highly trained Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). Students go to a four-year podiatry medical school after they complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program. One receives more extensive training through residency and continuing education programs.

Residency programs are finished at teaching hospitals. Students must be ready to undergo continuing education after their formal training is completed. Seminars and courses help podiatrists get ready for state and national certifying boards. They also help podiatrists stay abreast of advances taking place in podiatry.

Your Santa Clara podiatrist is a medically trained specialist that focuses on treating foot and ankle ailments. This covers diabetes complications, heel pain, sports injuries, and many other medical issues related to foot care. With a license to practice in California, your podiatrist will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide proper medical care. Let’s take a close look at the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about podiatry treatment in the Santa Clara area.

santa clara foot / ankle doctors

Q. Can you distinguish the difference between a podiatric physician, a podiatrist, and a podiatric surgeon?

A. It is imperative for you to understand that podiatric physicians, podiatrists, and podiatric surgeons are terms used to describe doctors of podiatric medicine. (DPMs). Podiatrists have the training and experience to treat patients with foot and ankle ailments. Each professional selects surgical procedures that are based on their training, experience, and personal preference.

Q. What kind of medical education do DPMs have?

A. DPMs undergo medical education and training equal to doctors of osteopathic medicine. This includes four solid years of undergraduate training, four more years of graduate education at a certified podiatric medical college, and two or three years of thorough post-graduate training at a hospital.

Q. Can podiatrists treat other areas on my body?

A. A podiatrist’s services vary from state to state. All states allow podiatrists to treat your feet, while forty-four states also allow podiatrists to treat the ankle and above the ankle.

Q. Do podiatrists see patients with serious health issues?

A. Podiatrists routinely see patients with the following health ailments: peripheral arterial disease, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Please keep in mind that these illnesses can lead to major foot and ankle issues. More serious complications can be avoided if patients get proper treatment from a podiatrist.


Q. Do podiatrists focus on different specialties?

The wide field of podiatric medicine and surgery allows podiatrists to focus on the following areas: orthopedics, biomechanics, sports medicine, surgery, geriatrics, primary care, and pediatrics. A podiatrist will work extremely hard at taking care of your needs.

Q. Will a podiatrist accept my health insurance?

Fortunately, most podiatrists accept private and public health insurance plans. It is imperative to point out that not all podiatrists accept all insurance plans. Contacting the podiatrist’s office in advance is the best approach to take if you would like to know if the prospective podiatrist accepts your health insurance. You can also check with your health insurance provider. Your health insurance provider can give you with the names of podiatrists that accept their coverage.

Q. How can I find an exceptional podiatrist?

A. Call our office today or you can visit Santa Clara Foot and Ankle Clinic.

What will take place when I visit the Santa Clara Podiatrist?

Despite your age or foot problem, your podiatrist is dedicated to providing prompt and effective care. Taking care of your feet is the key to preserving your health and well-being. This is why it’s important for you to see your podiatrist if you are experiencing foot trouble.

Your First Visit – Podiatric Evaluation and Treatment

Your Santa Clara Podiatrist may give you an extensive medical evaluation during your first visit. The thorough medical evaluation will help your podiatrist diagnose your foot issue. He or she will record your medical history, conduct a physical exam, and perform tests. Once a diagnosis is discovered, your podiatrist will create a sound treatment plan that will eliminate your foot pain or correct your foot problem. Your foot treatment may include various nonsurgical and surgical options. It is also worth mentioning that your podiatrist may share tips on how you can avoid foot issues in the future.

Credible medical studies show that foot abuse is notorious for causing foot ailments. Daily usage of your feet can easily lead to injury.

Medical History

Your feet play a big role in your overall health. In many instances, serious conditions such as kidney disorders, anemia, poor circulation, and diabetes affect the feet first. Your podiatrist will ask you a series of questions about your medical history. This will help him or her diagnose your condition.


Physical Examination

Your podiatrist may check your breathing pattern, temperature, and blood pressure. There is a strong possibility that he or she may ask you to walk around. This simply helps the podiatrist study your walk. Your walk may indicate you have a foot problem.

Your podiatrist may check the pulse, skin color, and temperature of your feet. This helps him or her decide if your feet are getting an adequate amount of blood. Your ankles, knees, and hips may be examined for potential issues.

Diagnostic Tests

Your podiatry specialist may ask you to take an x-ray in the office. Other popular imaging techniques (computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging) can determine if there is damage to the soft tissue. Blood, urine, and vascular tests are also able to pinpoint a foot condition.

Your Unique Treatment Plan

After the diagnosis, your Santa Clara podiatrist will develop a unique treatment plan that will provide relief and rectify the problem. Your specialized plan may include nonsurgical or surgical treatments.

Nonsurgical Treatment – Grooming your nails, taking care of your corn, and padding your feet can keep your feet in good shape. Medications (oral, injected, or topical) normally provide good results when it comes to treating various foot issues.

Physical therapy – This phase of treatment includes the following: ultrasound, exercise, stimulating whirlpool therapy, various exercises, splints, taping, and casts. Physical therapy is well-known for providing outstanding results when it comes to relieving pain and reducing swelling.

Orthotics – these custom fit devices are placed in your shoes. They provide comfort when you stand, walk, and run.

Surgical Treatment – Your podiatrist can perform any type of surgery on your feet. Surgery can take place in your podiatrist’s office, at a local hospital, or at a same-day medical facility. The Santa Clara Podiatrist will choose the proper place for your surgery.

Avoiding Future Foot Problems – Your podiatrist can give you solid tips that can keep your feet healthy.


What do I need to do when I arrive at the clinic?

Please go to the reception desk. Give the receptionist your full name. You will be escorted into the clinic when your podiatrist is ready to see you. If you fail to report to the receptionist, you may be considered as a late arrival or a no-show.

Do I really need Podiatric Care?

Millions of people around the globe suffer from a foot disorder. This could be athlete’s foot, bunions, corn, or ingrown nails. Some people are unaware that tight-fitting or high-heeled shoes can cause foot problems. It is also important to point out that foot problems can derive from injuries, medical conditions, and poor foot care. Your podiatrist has the knowledge, experience, and medical tools to resolve your foot problem. After continuous treatment, your comfort and ease of movement will return.

Please keep in mind that problems in your feet can lead to pain in your knees, lower back, and hips. Read the following list carefully. You should schedule an appointment to see your podiatrist if you are suffering from one or more of the items listed below.
A Santa Clara podiatrist, also known as a physician of podiatric medicine, is an experienced specialist that diagnoses and treats foot and ankle problems. This includes ankle sprains, foot fractures, bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, corns, warts, calluses, and bunions. One must undergo undergraduate medical school training and get a doctorate in podiatry from a certified graduate school. By law, podiatrists must take state and national exams. A podiatrist must also be licensed by the state in which they practice.

The American Podiatric Medical Association recently stated that there are more than 17,000 practicing podiatrists in America. People from all walks of life are dealing with various types of foot ailments. This is the main reason why the need for podiatrists continues to grow as time progresses. Let’s take a look at the daily duties of a Santa Clara Podiatrist.

-Have an open consultation with the patient and other physicians on how to avoid foot problems.

-Diagnose and treat the patient for ulcers, fractures, skin and nail diseases, and tumors.

-Perform surgery to correct problems such as fractures, bunions, claw toes, infections, ruptured Achilles, sprained ankles, torn ligaments, and other foot ailments.

-Execute diagnostic procedures (ultrasound and lab tests) and prescribe helpful remedies.

-Fit patients with orthotics (inserts) that will rectify walking patterns.

-Treat the following nagging foot conditions: bunions, corns, cysts, bone disorders, ingrown nails, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and infections.


Foot / Ankle Conditions treated in our San Jose Podiatry Clinic


  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Arthroscopic / Endoscopic Procedures
  • Hammertoe Correction
  • Laser Surgery
  • Non-Invasive Vascular Testing
  • Arterial and Venous Systems
  • Lengthening Procedures
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • External Fixation
  • Brachymetatarsia (Short Metatarsal)

Facilities and Equipment

  • Endoscopy
  • Fluoroscan real-time x-rays
  • LASER treatments for nails and warts
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • NCV (Nerve Conduction Velocity)
  • Ankle Replacements
  • Bone Density Testing
  • Joint Commission Accredited Surgical Suite
  • Digital X-ray
  • Physical therapy modalities
  • Vascular Testing

Continue reading to explore the San Jose CA Podiatrist treats / conditions.

The San Jose Foot and Ankle Clinic employs many specialist podiatrists, so contact our office for further information.


Relax, you’re in good hands – make an appointment with Dr. Ky the Santa Clara podiatrist here. Dr. Ky the Santa Clara foot specialist here.

Explore the SJ podiatric surgeon on twitter other info on the SF Bay foot doctor on facebook – also see reviews of Dr. Nguyen Ky DPM on yelp!

Our doctor studied to become a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) – patients in the city of San Jose explore our services because of Dr. Ky’s impeccable reputation and excellent surgical skills! He is respected among other podiatric members of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

How can I cancel my appointment?

Please give us a 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. You can call us and leave a message if no one takes your call. You may also cancel your appointment by calling our office.

You may be discharged from the service if you fail to honor your scheduled appointment.

If you are a minor (under the age of 18), please have your parent or guardian contact us.

What are my post-surgery care instructions?

You will experience stiffness, swelling, and limited mobility following surgery. It will take eight to twelve weeks for you to make a full recovery. Keeping your feet raised and applying ice packs to the area will help reduce the swelling. Many patients are able to walk after surgery, but your podiatrist may restrict you from walking for several days. It is vital for you to follow his or her instructions carefully.

You may have to wear a splint or surgical shoe for two to three weeks. The surgical shoe will help distribute your body weight properly and protect your foot from further injury. Stitches (if present) must be kept dry until they are removed. These are the most popular prescribed treatments for digital disorders, but your podiatrist may use other effective options.

How can I take care of my feet?

Foot pain is not normal. This is why it is a grave mistake for you to ignore foot pain. Please contact our office if you are experiencing foot pain.

Examine your feet once a week. Pay close attention to potential changes in the color and temperature of your feet. Check for discolored or thick nails, cuts in the skin, and cracks. You may have Athlete’s foot if you see peeling or scaling on the soles of your feet. Noticeable growth on your feet is not normal.

Wash your feet regularly. Make certain you wash thoroughly between your toes and dry your feet carefully.

These foot care tips should not be taken lightly.

Please contact us if you have more questions.  

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