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The Most Common Culprits of Stress in Your Feet Santa Clara Podiatrist
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The Most Common Culprits of Stress in Your Feet Santa Clara Podiatrist

Your Santa Clara podiatrist can treat any type of stress fractures - make an appointment today - we are available for Santa Clara stress fracture patients

stress fractures santa clara


Exploring issues of Stress fractures for Patients in Santa Clara

One part of the human body that receives constant pounding and continued stress is our feet. The stress comes from all sort of angles ranging from walking on hard pavements and working in extreme conditions to the type of shoes that we wear. Our feet are always on the receiving end. However, while it is true that our feet can endure some of these hard situations, it is also true that daily overuse will result to them incurring fractures commonly known as stress fractures. The main cause of these fractures is overusing your feet or subjecting them to repetitive force. Normally, stress fractures cause hairline cracks on the foot bones.  This is a condition that your Santa clara podiatrist can diagnose & treat for you!


The parts of the feet mostly affected by stress fractures are the ones that have to bear the weight of the feet. For instance, stress fractures affect the metatarsals (the bones that lie in the middle of the foot). However, in other instances, the fractures might extend to the heels and bones around the mid foot areas.


Reasons why fractures are likely to occur


One of the main reasons of occurrence of stress fractures is increased impact. These problems always occur to people who are physically actives like athletes and any other sports people who constantly stress their feet. However, the complication might also affect any person who starts a new exercise regimen thereby increasing the impact on their feet as compared to before. It is therefore important to note that if you engage in too much activity too quickly, there are higher chances that you will experience muscle fatigue, which may eventually cause bone breakage.


Another reason for stress fractures is wearing improper shoes. Much as it sounds unlikely, it happens. There have been reports of fractures due to improper footwear contrary to what many people may anticipate. When you wear shoes that lack proper padding, they end up pressing your leg to the extent that they start causing symptoms of chronic overuse. Moreover, high-heeled shoes are also responsible for causing stress on the ball of the foot thereby leading too fractures on the metatarsals. However, as a remedy to this, podiatrists recommend that you wear different type of shoes every day and also wear walking shoes while commuting then change to the office shoes upon arrival to your place of work. The podiatrists also recommend that you wear well-padded shoes especially when walking on hard places such as pavements.


Your walking pattern can also be a cause for stress fractures. Mostly, the main cause of this is previous injuries to your foot, which might have led to you changing your walking patterns. Because of this, you might end up putting stress on one part of your foot and the compensation may result to a stress fracture in the end.


Weakened bones also provide room for stress fracture. This mostly occurs to older people. The remedy to this is talking to your doctor who will in turn inform you of the risk factors and will determine if you are prone to either one of them. Women with menstrual problems and patients with low body weight are likelier to suffer from stress fractures.


While it is true that you cannot anticipate for these types of complications, it is important that you inform your doctor as soon as they occur.  So if you’re exploring a Santa Clara or San Jose podiatrist – consider our foot / ankle / toes clinic for the most professional and competent care for your feet!

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