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Ankle Fractures Treatment / Surgery in San Jose CA
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Ankle Fractures Treatment / Surgery in San Jose CA

Get any sports work related Ankle Fractures Treatment / Surgery in San Jose CA surgeon can treat workers compensation injuries, sports ankle fractures


What Are Ankle Fractures? How can Ankle Fractures get Treated in San Jose CA?

An ankle fracture is a complete or partial break in the bone of an ankle. Ankle fractures vary from the lower severity avulsion injury (when small bits of bone have been pulled off) to more severe shattering of the fibula, tibia or both. Ankle fractures in San Jose are very common, and usually caused by the ankle rolling outward or inward. Many ankle fractures in San Jose are mistaken for ankle sprains, but they require very different treatments, which makes early diagnosis extremely important. However, ankles can be both sprained and fractured at the same time.  Sometimes these fractures are due work related injuries or occupational ankle fractures.  Our SJ podiatrist can treat work related ; workers compensation occupational and sports related ankle injuries.


Symptoms of ankle fractures


Ankle fractures in San Jose are accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms:


  • Pain around the area of the fracture, which may extend beyond the foot as far as the knee.
  • Substantial swelling, which can occur across the entire length of the leg or can remain more localized.
  • Blisters can develop around the site of the fracture. Any blisters should be treated promptly by a San Jose podiatrist.
  • Bruising that will develop very soon following the injury.
  • Incapable of walking. That said, it is often possible to walk despite breaks that are less severe, so do not rely on the ability to walk as a final test of whether or not an ankle is fractured.
  • The ankle changes appearance, such that it differs dramatically from the other unaffected ankle.
  • Pieces of bone protrude through the skin. Protruding bone is a sign that you require immediate attention from a San Jose podiatrist. An ankle fracture that pierces the skin can lead to prolonged recovery and severe infections.


Steps to Follow After an Ankle Injury Sprain / Strain vs Fractures

Following any kind of injury to an ankle, it is always critical to have the ankle examined by a San Jose podiatrist for appropriate diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment. If you cannot visit a San Jose podiatrist right away, then you need to go to the nearest emergency room, and then have a follow-up appointment with a San Jose podiatrist as soon as is possible for a more complete examination. 

Follow the R.I.C.E principle until you are able to be examined by a San Jose podiatrist.

This principle involves:


  • Rest. Walking can aggravate any damage, so it is critical that you stay off your injured foot.
  • Ice. Use ice in a bag or thin towel on the affected area for approximately 20 minutes of every hour that you are awake. Never apply ice directly on your skin.
  • Compression. Apply a compression stocking or wear an elastic bandage to help reduce any swelling.
  • Elevation. Keeping the foot elevated will also help to reduce any swelling. The foot should be even or slightly above the level of your hip.


Your San Jose ankle doctor will perform an examination on the affected leg by touching various areas to evaluate the extent of the injury. The podiatrist might also order X-rays or other imaging studies as is deemed necessary.


Treatments for Ankle Fractures in  SJ

The treatment of an ankle fracture will depend on the type of injury and its severity.


The options will include:


  • Immobilization. Some fractures can be treated by the protection and restriction of the ankle and foot using a splint or cast. The immobilization allows the bone to naturally heal.
  • Prescription medications. The podiatrist may prescribe pain medications or drugs to relieve inflammation.
  • Surgery. Some ankle injuries will require surgery to repair the fracture and address any related injuries. The podiatrist will choose the procedure that is best for the specific conditions of your injury.


Follow-Up Care

It is extremely important that you follow the podiatrist’s instructions following treatment. Any failure to properly do so might lead to infection, arthritis, deformity or chronic pain.  If this is a workmans comp or occupational workers compensation injury, call our office – we can help get authorization for treatment.  sometimes fracture can result in post-traumatic arthritis.

We can help your foot, ankle or toes condition – Call Dr. Nguyen Ky today if you need help with or have questions about fractures treatments / surgery of the ankle in San Jose CA, or about workers compensation / occupational injuries – call us today or send an email to the right!!

Dr. Nguyen Ky D.P.M. (408) 292-2485

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