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Top rated San Jose podiatrist Dr. Nguyen Ky will remove your corns quickly and successfully, with experience of over 5,000 successful surgical procedures performed on professional athletes and regular people.

Dr. Ky sees patients daily for heel pain, bunions, plantar fasciitis and a doctor’s referral is not necessary. There is no need to see a General Practitioner first before a consultation, second opinion or corn surgery treatment at our San Jose podiatrist practice for any foot / ankle podiatric conditions.  Our foot / ankle clinic podiatrist can see patients in Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Gilroy, Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Davenport, Oakland, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Concord, Hollister, Hayward, Berkeley, Union City, Felton, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Watsonville, Salinas, Monterey, SF Bay Area, & Newark.

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At our SJ podiatrist’s practice, you’ll enjoy a highly rated concierge environment without hospital wait list times and the hassle of paperwork. Dr. Ky offers full in-network network insurance benefits: we will submit your claim to your insurers for reimbursement towards the cost of your foot surgery.

Dr. Nguyen Ky is one of the most sought after SJ podiatrists for removing painful heels and other foot ailments with little discomfort, and you can look forward to wearing your favorite footwear pain-free, even specialized athletic kit.

It’s not uncommon for some people to suffer with heel pain from time to time. The causes of this type of pain can differ greatly from one person to another, especially because these conditions can stem from a number of different medical issues and reasons. Two of the more commonly known are listed below.

Heel Spurs

Normally, visible to the eye by X-ray, heels spurs can be described as a bony growth that appears on the underside of this bone, and can extend as long as an inch in length. The medical term for this particular condition is called heel spur syndrome.

This condition can be very painful since its usually caused by stretching the long band tissues that connects the ball of the foot to the heel. So, some people may begin to suffer with heel spurs after running, jogging, wearing excessively worn shoes or it may also plague those who are simply overweight. Your San Joe foot / ankle podiatrist can help diagnose & treatment this painful condition.

heel pain san jose podiatrist foot ankle doctors san jose

Plantar Fascilitis

People who run and jump a lot can suffer with heel pain too. The type of pain that these individuals feels can be traced to inflammation in the connective tissues in the foot. Due to over extension and strain in this area over a period of time, people can suffer with chronic irritation, especially those who live an athletic lifestyle. Identifying symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis does not have to be difficult, especially because some of the more commonly known includes the following:


You will have to opportunity to talk with Dr. Ky before electing for surgical corn removal. He will perform a thorough examination and give you the benefit of his professional feedback on your specific case. This is how Dr. Ky has earned the trust of tens of thousands of patients, not just for his best-in-class San Jose podiatry, but all across the globe.

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If you have any questions for Dr. Nguyen Ky DPM or would like to schedule an ankle or foot surgery consultation or find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact our SJ CA office.

We can help your foot, ankle or toes condition – Call Dr. Nguyen Ky today if you need help with or have questions about heel pain, bottom of foot pain – plantar fasciitis treatments / surgery in San Jose CA, call us today or send an email to the right!!  Our foot / ankle clinic serves patients in San Jose, Cupertino, Milpitas, Fremont, Los Gatos, Mountain View, SF Bay Area, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Campbell, Gilroy, & Newark.

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